More information will be posted soon on this proof-of-concept project.

What and Why: To find out more about the negative impacts of rodents and mongooses on the native species and ecosystem of the Hawaiian islands, please read DLNR’s informational page:

We are currently conducting training with 4 dogs with the goal of applying the best training methods to future operational projects. Our targets include live rodents (mice, rats) and mongoose, as well as associated scents such as scat. A variety of breeds, sizes and temperaments are participating in the project so that we may assess what type of dog is most suitable for a variety of pest detection applications and environments.

Where: Future applications in the Hawaiian islands may include: 1) Screening boats and cargo in the Hawaiian islands for bio-security purposes; 2) Monitoring of remote atoll wildlife refuges post-treatment; 3) Surveying bird sanctuaries and other areas protected by predator-proof fencing.