As part of our mission, we aim to educate others about the existing and potential uses of conservation dogs. We offer free educational workshops to conservation managers, biologists, and researchers in the field of wildlife conservation or agriculture who are interested in learning more about how detection dogs could contribute to their existing efforts.

A half-day workshop consists of the following elements and topics:

  • Hands-on scent detection training, with your pet dogs participating (or we can bring our own demo dogs)
  • Brief overview of the various roles that detection dogs play in existing conservation efforts around the world
  • Explanation of the environmental factors that affect the efficacy of detection dogs, particularly in Hawai‘i
  • Discussion of new applications of detection dogs to potentially assist in your conservation efforts

If you or your organization is interested in having our education team do a presentation and hands-on scent detection workshop, please contact Currently we are conducting our workshops on the island of O‘ahu only.