Healthy Planet on ThinkTech Hawai‘i

We sat down with Dr. Grace O’Neil of Healthy Planet to talk about our organization, current projects, and Hawai‘i’s conservation efforts. We also shared photos and stories of past projects.


K9 Conservationists Podcast

We got to sit down with podcast host Kayla Fratt and biologist Charles Van Rees to talk about the unique ecosystems of the Hawaiian islands, and a few of the projects we are working on.

What to Know Before Hiring a Conservation Dog Team

In late 2021, we were invited by the K9 Conservationists podcast. The interview “What to Know Before Hiring a Conservation Dog Team” is broken up into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2

We, along with Jennifer Hartman of Rogue Detection Teams, share information that researchers and biologists might find helpful when deciding to start a detection dog project or hiring a K9 team.

Conservation K9 Podcast

Science advisor Michelle Reynolds and K9 trainer Kyoko Johnson talked with host James Davis about CDH’s programs, as well as discussing general conservation dog training topics.

Podcast Interview with Working Dog Collective

Season 1 Episode 9 interview with the Seattle-based pawdcast


Podcast interview with Working Dog Radio

Episode 133: Dead duck, crazy ants and mongooses, oh my! With Conservation Dogs of Hawaii⁣