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Photo copyright Sue Chipperton
Photo by Sue Chipperton: K9 Ruger

Have you always wanted professional photos of your beloved pet? Here’s your chance to schedule a fun photo shoot with professional pet photographer and studio animal trainer Sue Chipperton. You’ll get the gorgeous images of your pet that you’ve always wanted…while also contributing to a good cause.

Pet animals that can be photographed include dogs, cats, horses, pigs, rats, goats, and more. If you don’t have a pet of your own, this could be the perfect birthday present or early Christmas gift for a friend or family member on O‘ahu.

If you’re interested in a photo package with Sue, please visit her website for more details (mention this campaign):


About this Photo Campaign

Photo copyright Sue Chipperton
Photo by Sue Chipperton: K9 Kendo

Conservation Dogs of Hawai‘i proposed this photography campaign to Sue as a way to raise awareness about and funding for our programs, including Nose Work for Conservation, where pet dogs participate in pilot projects and field work. Visit our Projects page to find out more about what we’re working on: detecting invasive weeds, sniffing out agricultural pests, and developing a new volunteer program for Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge to save endangered Hawaiian waterbirds by mitigating avian botulism.

We thought that Sue would be the perfect person to capture portraits of our volunteer dogs. Sue has decades of experience training a variety of animals for Hollywood movies, TV and commercials. You might have heard of the Labrador Retriever Eddie in Hawaii Five-O and the Dobermans in Magnum P.I.? Or the “Lost Puppy” Budweiser commercial with the horses? That’s all her work. Our dog-handler teams were very impressed with her animal coordinating skills during their photo shoots (not to mention the final photos), and we think you will be too.

If you have any questions about our campaign, feel free to contact us. If you have questions about the pet photography, please contact Sue at suechipperton@gmail.com.

About Sue Chipperton

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