Are you interested in becoming a conservation detection dog handler? Check out the following online courses offered by our affiliate, K9 Conservationists. From their website:

“There is a misconception that you can’t learn the skills to be a conservation detection dog handler online.”

Of course, field safety skills and dog training require on-the-ground practice and mentorship. But it’s totally untrue that you can’t start learning many of the necessary skills to be a conservation detection dog handler online.

There’s a LOT to learn. Your head is spinning with dog behavior, olfaction, field safety, GPS, and sampling techniques. Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have the right dog, that you don’t have time to quit your job to pursue this full-time, or that dogs can’t effectively help your research. We are here to help. The K9 Conservationists Handler Course is based on a college course model, with preassigned literature from a variety of experts, video homework for hands-on dog training and fieldwork, invigorating discussion, and an optional final exam.